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Shared on August 9th, 2017

Two weeks before your move

__ Arrange for disconnection or transfer of BC Hydro service gas, cable, phone, ISP, security company. Get new phone number.

__ Contact the post office to have your mail forwarded.

__ Arrange to close or transfer your bank accounts. Order cheques with your new address & phone number.

__ Stop or transfer newspaper and other home deliveries.

__ Advise friends, family and professionals of your new address and phone number. (Don’t forget your doctor, dentist and other medical professionals, schools, library, accountant, financial advisor, credit card companies,

Canada Customs & Revenue (Revenue Canada), Motor Vehicle Branch, your employer, medical plan, magazine and other subscriptions.)

One week before your move

__ Clean your home or arrange for a cleaning service.

__ Confirm delivery address, phone number and delivery date with the movers.

__ Clean out and defrost the freezer.

__ If youre moving to another city, pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions,

photos or anything else left outside your home.

__ Clean out school or gym lockers.

__ Return library books.

A few days before your move

__ Complete packing of all household goods for the move. Make sure boxes are clearly marked with the room they will go in, as well as “Fragile” if necessary.

__ Place important documents in a safe box that you will carry. Include home purchase/sale papers, will, financial records, passports, birth certificates. Mark “Do Not Move” on the box; move this box yourself.

__ Prepare an “open first” box with towels, bedding, basic kitchen andbathroom supplies, toys or games for your children, tools (hammer,screwdriver) to set up furniture.

__ Label all keys for new occupants

__ Place all appliance manuals & warrantees, etc in one place for the new occupants.

Move day!

__ Keep phone connected or have a cell phone in case you need to contact your movers, etc.

__ Carefully supervise the move. Make sure your instructions are understood, and that boxes are delivered to the right rooms.

__ Check all the rooms and closets to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

__ Turn down the thermostat.

__ Lock up and leave labeled keys with the landlord, new owners or real estate agent.

__ Arrive at your new home before the movers. Show the movers where to put boxes and furniture.

__ Check that you’ve been given keys to every lock in your new home.

__ Carefully review the movers bill of lading before signing. Check for damaged items.

__ At your new home, make sure the utilities are on and working properly.

__ Unpack your “open first” box. Set up your bed; unpack the kitchen and bathroom to help you feel at home.

__ Relax, order in dinner, and take a long hot bath.

After your move

__ Unpack, then donate or flatten and recycle boxes.

__ Change the address on your drivers license and car insurance.

__ Plan your housewarming party!

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